Freedom from Helplessness – Swami Dayananda


A book about how to handle helplessness by intelligent living and prayer.


“With all the hidden variables, no human being can have everything he or she would like. One is bound to have deeply felt wishes in different spheres of a life that is subject tot influences from forces known and unknown. Helplessness, if not despair, is unavoidable. Nothing is more painful to live with than this exasperating helplessness. Intelligent living is to seek help from a real source of help before letting helplessness overwhelm one. Prayer is seeking help and it is as real as one’s level of understanding of the altar from which one seeks help.” – Swami Dayananda


Talk 1 – Helplessness arises from being judgemental

Talk 2 – Distinction between knowledge and action

Talk 3 – Vedanta teaches ‘You are free’

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