Living versus getting on – Swami Dayananda


This book is about being a contributor. Just ‘getting on’ is not really ‘living’. To live is to be a positive contributor.


From a survivor to a contributor

‘I consider that living beings when one contributes something that will bring about more joy, more happiness, more light and more freedom. Until then one merely drags one’s life through old age and on to the grave. Just ‘getting on’ is not really ‘living’. To live is to be a positive contributor. Something happens to a person when he or she is able to do something for someone. It is not pride. It is something natural, an inner expansion that is an indication of growth because the essential nature of human being is fullness, wholeness.This wholeness finds expression when one is able to help others regardless of whether the recipient is known to him or her.’ – Swami Dayananda


  • From being a survivor to becoming a contributor
  • A contributor is compassionate
  • Compassion evokes the pleased self
  • Compassion is an important value to be cultivated
  • Compassion brings caring

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